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  1. Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring. I have a 6 month old daughter and I constantly think about how I can help her grow to be a kind and loving person. This is definitely going to be on my list.

    1. Hi Lyn, Thank you and I’m glad that you’ve been inspired with this article. But remember, the charity works only is only a part of it. It’s a continuous learning and practice we do for our kids and you can also start with small things you can teach at home. Just always remember to be patient because it’s not a one-time effort. 🙂

  2. i can relate momsh???
    Being a mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I’ve been blessed to have in my lifetime. There are some awesome highs — and some lows — that come with being someone’s mama, but it’s a job I wouldn’t trade for anything. A mommy’s position in the family structure is undeniably important. I put up with tantrums, poopy diapers, vomit, carpools, early mornings, sleepless nights, stretch marks and stained clothes. One thing I’ve learned as a mom is that I’ll never, ever be bored. With a toddler and teen running around, my life is a constant adventure.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Divine. Motherhood is truly one of the most rewarding gift every woman can have.

  3. Thanks for sharing this mommy tin.
    It will never easy to raise a child but as parent we take a great responsibility for their actions. You are right it takes a lot of patience.. Patience.. Patience..

  4. Hi Wandermom! You are doing great! You’re one of my momspiration! I am amazed on how you can balance family, work, and leisure. Thanks for sharing your family to us. All the best! ?

    1. Hello Mommy Marissa, thank you so much! Your message inspires me as well. Thank you for the love and support ❤️

  5. Thanks for this mamsh! Wala naman talaga tayo.hinangad sa mga kids kundi maalagaan sila hanggang sa paglaki and spend the time sa kanila. Di.lang puro work!at syempre tama ka mamsh minsan need din naten magisa para narin to relax!

    1. You’re welcome. And yes, we moms always want what’s best for our kids. Kaya tayo may Mommy’s guilt. Thank you for finding time to read 😉 This article has Part 1 ha 🙂

  6. Hi 🙂 i saw your blog..
    I really like stokke .. How much po ba jan sa pinas ang original price? Kasi nag iisip ako if jan ako bibili or dito nlang sa korea.. Thank you po

    1. Hi Ash, here it cost about 69k now I think. It used to be almost 80k. They already have reduced the price. If you’re open to buy second hand, let me know 😉