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If you’ve been following my blog from early days, you know that WanderMom started as a random idea. I wanted to share my experiences as a first-time mom and also talk about my travels. It was more like a side project for me and I did it mostly for fun. So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from Feedspot, telling me that WanderMom made it to their Top 30 Parenting Blogs in the Philippines! I couldn’t believe it – WanderMom is part of a list that includes powerhouse brands like Smart Parenting PH (#1 spot, of course) and MomCenter Philippines (#12 on Feedspot).

I’m super honored by this recognition, for WanderMom be considered by seasoned reviewers as a top blog in my category. What makes me even happier is knowing that people find my blog helpful and meaningful. WanderMom has gotten so far! I wouldn’t have made it without your support – my readers and followers! This really inspires me to keep sharing and keep giving. 

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Thank you for making us the #15 Parenting Blog in the Philippines!

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