My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy is a tough game and is far from being a walk in the park. And that’s why we moms should be proud to have been so brave to go through all those things. I thought of sharing a few things that made my pregnancy more bearable and I would love to hear about some of yours too.

1. Water

Chugging enough water is a must during all stages of pregnancy. This is actually a no-brainer. I made sure I take in at the very least 5 glasses per day. When I don’t get enough water, I get so parched. So I suggest you keep a few bottles of water in the fridge every day. It would be best to have 4 500ml bottles of water in the fridge. They are small enough to grab anytime plus you can easily monitor how much you have consumed on a given day.

2. Folic Acid

It’s best to follow what your doctor would prescribe you but I started early with this one. My doctor said that it’s essential for the development of my baby’s brain. Here’s more additional info to understand the importance of Folic Acid on your pregnancy. I took Iberet-Folic 500, I think because I was due for C-section so I need some good maternal iron reserves.

3. Maternity Bra

Personally, I don’t prefer buying maternity bra. But as our tummy grows, our breasts tend to be bigger when we are pregnant and believe me it’s painful and so uncomfortable. Maternity bra would give you so much relief. I don’t, however, like the style of maternity bra; I opted for a wireless bra instead. They usually come in style than any other maternity bra plus you can have more choices especially when you opt for style, try to check them out in your favorite department store or underwear brand.

4. Tummy / Stretch Mark Lotion or Oil

I highly recommend Clarin’s Pregnancy Line. Whatever you find essential, it’s not only effective with me but I’m worry-free because it’s 100% Pure Plant Extracts, ultimately safe for pregnant. Tonic Body Treatment Oil is my fave and a must have. I got mine at Rustans Department Store Makati.

5. Fetal Doppler

I lost my first child. We named her Cassandra or “Cassie” for short. She ate her own poop days before we expect her to arrive. If I had a fetal Doppler at that time, I could have known earlier when something was wrong.

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I would go to the hospital even it’s very late at night or at any moment I feel that Kyle is not moving hour (even just in 1 hour) because I got so paranoid. After 3 instances, Paul told me it’s enough. He finds it not healthy that we have to go there every time I don’t feel any movements. It would stress me every time and probably would harm me more with my situation. So we discussed this to my OB and a fetal Doppler was introduced. It’s a stress saver. I felt so much relief every time I feel worried about him not moving at all. And somehow, it also introduces bond between Kyle and us whenever we hear his heartbeat.

6. Belly support

I hesitated using one at first because I thought it would make me feel uncomfortable but I depended on it especially when my tummy got heavier when I reached 7 months. I was actively working when I was pregnant so this gave me so much support to easily move around without a need to suffer from back pain. I tried two kinds of different brands but I love the one I got from MotherCare Philippines.They come in sizes so make sure you don’t get the very tight one.

7. iPod

I call this my bedtime buddy. It relaxes Kyle and me at night playing Mozart classical music. Up until now, it became Kyle’s bedtime buddy too. It helps and usually triggers him easily to be in sleep mode whenever we turn on his lullaby song.

8. Body pillow and a lot of foot pillows

It’s my life saver especially when I hit 6-7 months where tummy usually gets out of shape and tends to be heavy and makes you uncomfortable when sleeping. They say sleeping on your left side is the healthiest position when sleeping. It will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and our baby. I always try my best to keep myself in this position for a long time and my body pillow is my greatest back support aid.

As for the foot pillow, when you’re pregnant and when you’re tummy is so heavy and when you get to do a lot of walking during the daytime, you’re prone to get “manas” or “beriberi”. There’s only one solution, prepare a lot of pillows to elevate your feet at night. Holla, the next day it’s gone. I got mine at MotherCare Philippines, I can’t deny this is one of my favourite Maternity place to shop.

9. Wardrobe extenders

When you get pregnant and you realized that all your favorite fancy clothes, dress, and pants won’t suit you up because everything is just growing, wardrobe extenders will be your ultimate solution. I suggest that you don’t splurge too much on maternity clothes, which you will eventually regret buying because you won’t use it anyway after giving birth. That was a lesson on my 1st pregnancy, with Kyle, I started buying extenders for pants or shorts (some call it their Waistband Cheat), or if you want to keep in style, choose flowy dresses or blouses that can stretch out your tummy til you pop.

10. Supportive and reliable hubby

For my experience, I need him to be with me especially during sleep nights. It’s weird but I never get to experience “Pulikat” or “Spasm” when sleeping my whole life except when I got pregnant. I experienced this both pregnancies and you will definitely need someone who’s gonna be there to stretch your foot or feet upward. I was very prone to this and I don’t dare to wish for anyone to experience this. I’m always grateful that Paul has always been there to the point that he’s even like programmed to just wake up and would automatically start stretching my foot.

I hope you find something helpful in this blog post. If you are pregnant right now, I feel for you, especially if this is your first pregnancy. These are the things I would recommend to my friends and loved ones because they worked for me. Also, let me know if you can add something to this list. I’d love to hear your story and learn from you and hopefully, it’s something we all can share as it could be useful for others too.

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