HIPP Organic Kindermilk

I first encountered HiPP around five years ago. I was looking for formula milk for Kyle but there were so many in the market, I didn’t know which was the best option. I thought, organic would probably be the best type to use, it’s safer. My pediatrician told me that there is one organic brand available – she recommended HiPP. I asked her where it was from and she said it was European, so I knew the standard was really high. I know for sure that it’s safe.

At that time, I was also worried because I’ve heard stories of how some kids have a hard time shifting to formula milk. Others naman hindi hiyang (don’t take to the formula well), they change from one brand to another. I was thinking “Oh my, if Kyle doesn’t like this one, I’ll have to change and there are no other brands available here. This one has to really work.” Good thing, when I tried HiPP with Kyle, he loved it so much! He consumed it really quickly. I would usually order two boxes because it was really hard to find back then. When Kyle was taking HiPP, he didn’t have any issues like the horror stories I’ve heard from other moms. I didn’t even let him try other brands, only HiPP. Kyle super, super loves this milk that up to now, he’s still taking it. HiPP is his favorite milk. 

So, you can imagine how I felt HIPP when I was invited to join HiPP’s event. It was a no-brainer for me – I was so, so happy to learn that they were having their first event here in Manila. It is a brand I really love and so does my boy. Of course, I had to say yes! I was looking forward to attending the event and learning more about the brand. As a mom, all I knew was that HiPP is organic milk from Europe. So this event is a chance for me to really understand what makes HiPP Europe’s No. 1 Organic Milk Formula Brand.

Gerome gave me a good overview of HiPP’s quality standards
HiPP executives with Mom Ambassadors
HiPP’s newest Ambassador Pauleen Sotto speaking to fellow moms in the crowd

I got to the event venue and was greeted by Gerome, who explained how HiPP sustained the farm and how the entire process really focused on making sure everything was clean and healthy. The company is a pioneer in organic farming and they’ve been around for over 120 years. HiPP’s mom ambassadors, Nikki Gil, Andi Eigenmann, and Pauleen Sotto, shared their thoughts on going organic for their children. I shared their sentiments in doing “whatever it takes to love, nourish and protect” their little ones. They trust HiPP because each product is sealed with a personal guarantee from the owner, Mr. Stefan Hipp. This really meant something to me – how many people would sign and seal their products with a personal guarantee?

HiPP bears the owner’s personal guarantee on each box!

Speaking of which, my highlight of the event was meeting Mr. Stefan Hipp. It was such a wow moment for me, having my photo taken with Mr. Hipp! Na-excite lang ako (I just got excited). Deep inside, I was so happy to meet him and to know that he’s such a humble and friendly person. This actually happened after the event, when people started leaving the venue. Bumalik talaga ako at kinapalan ko mukha ko (I really went back and put on my thick-faced self) to take a photo. 

Star-struck photo with the owner, Mr. Stefan Hipp

As a mom, knowing that HiPP is organic, I know that it’s safe and it’s the best option. More than that, though, discovering that HiPP uses highly sensitive state-the-art technology increased my confidence in the product. Their machines can detect even just one grain of salt in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. (I probably can’t even taste the salt if I drank that water!) Each product is tested for over 1200 harmful substances. It really means your child will get the purest, safest milk you can find. 

I’m proud to be a #HiPPmom! And with HiPP Organic Kindermilk for Three Years Old and Above I know that Kyle will #LiveFreeFrom from chemicals that don’t belong in my child. I’m talking about chemicals such as synthetic compounds, pesticides, artificial hormones or growth hormones, prophylactic antibiotics, artificial fertilizers, GMOs, and gluten. Products like HiPP give me a sense of security that my children are getting the best nutrition a mom can give.

I’m HiPP and I’m proud of it!

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